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Post date: March 28, 2017

The planned community wants to offer affordability and sustainability.


In booming Austin, Texas—a red-hot real estate market primed by tech-sector-startup money and a staggering 159 new arrivals daily in 2016—the quickly coalescing mega-development of...

Post date: November 15, 2016


Builder Online, Nov 15, 2016, by Jennifer Goodmann


Construction Kicks off at Zero-Energy-Ready Texs Development


Two builders break ground on Austin's Whisper Valley; homes will be ready early next year....

Post date: February 26, 2015

The EcoSmart Solution will be launched at the Taurus Development Whisper Valley in Austin, TX. All 7,500 homes in this 2,000 acres environmental sensitive master planned community will meet or exceed the Net Zero Ready Standard. EcoSmart integrates technologies like Geothermal, Solar PV or LED to reduce fossil fuel consumption of each house to zero. A Strategic Partner of EcoSmart is global...