Who We Are

Taurus Investment Holdings is a global private equity real estate firm. The firm has over 45 years of experience as a general partner, investor, and operator, and is an active deal participant in fifteen markets around the world.

What We Do

Since its formation in 1976, Taurus has developed a fully integrated organizational model that is geared towards maximization at all phases of the investment life cycle.

With over 5,000,000ft² of Class A/B logistics properties designed, developed, acquired, and sold since 2005 in the United States alone, Taurus has proven itself as a strategic leader in the sector.

With a strategy targeting older or mispriced assets, Taurus generates value on Class B properties that outperform the market and see strong rental demand.

Taurus sees opportunity where others see instability. The firm has a unique local perspective on markets across the world, and uses that expertise to provide market-beating returns.

By targeting emerging markets and proactively establishing a local foothold, Taurus successfully leverages insider expertise to add constructive value.

For over 30 years, we have helped secure dozens of strategically-sound assets that were overlooked by firms without our land development expertise.

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Throughout North America and Europe, Taurus is consistently recognized as one of the premier owner-operators of both directly managed and joint venture commercial real estate.

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