Taurus Timeline


Taurus’ German roots

1972:     Guenther Reibling is involved in the resale of the Munich Olympic Village

1976:     Taurus Germany is founded by Guenther and Lorenz Reibling


Taurus crosses the Atlantic

1984:     Taurus US is founded by the Reibling brothers in South Florida

1988:     Linda Kassof, CFO, joins Taurus

1990:     Taurus opens Orlando, acquires Orlando TechCenter and Orlando Airport Business Center

1995:     Taurus expands to Boston, purchases Landman Omnibus Portfolio

1996:     Taurus expands operations up the east coast establishing presence in Washington DC and Virginia

1997:     Peter Merrigan, Partner and CEO, joins Taurus

1997:     Taurus creates Holding Company concept allowing simultaneous expansion into multiple markets

1998:     Taurus expands operations to the west, begins land development in Santa Teresa, New Mexico

1998:     Taurus begins development of Assembly Square Mall

2002:     Taurus moves further North launching subsidiary in Canada

2002:     Taurus establishes Taurus Investment Holdings, LLC

2002:     Assets under management reach $1 billion

2004:     Taurus establishes Taurus Capital Markets LLC,Taurus New England Investments LLC, Taurus Management Services LLC, Introductory Broker Dealer entity                             

2004:     Taurus expands to Texas, and then to Colorado and begins land development program


Taurus’ Vision grows domestically and globally

2004:     Taurus comes back to German roots, purchases properties in Germany

2004:     Taurus establishes presence in Israel

2006:     Taurus establishes presence in Argentina

2006:     Taurus establishes presence in Turkey

2006:     Taurus celebrates 30 years of successful investment history

2007:     Taurus initiates Newbury Street Aggregation Program in Boston, enters New York market

2007:     Assets under management reach $2 billion

2008:     Taurus establishes presence in Greece

2011:     Taurus establishes presence in the UK

2012:     Taurus establishes presence in India

2014:     Taurus establishes presence in Austin, TX

2014:     Taurus establishes EcoSmart Solution, LP

2016:     Taurus celebrates 40 years of successful investment history