.Club Deal 150 - Taurus Downtown Technopark will be developed on approximately 20 acres of land, located right in the heart of Technopark in Trivandrum, one of India’s largest technology business parks, which currently has over 8,000,000 sf of space and about 50,000 employees. The park is projected to have close to 12,000,000 sf of space and over 100,000 employees by 2015.


The project site will be on a 90 year ground lease from Technopark’s development authority, which is an autonomous venture of the state government of the state of Kerala. Downtown Technopark will be anchored by up to 2,000,000 SF of world-class technology office space and will also include retail, hotel and convention facilities. The project will involve an investment of about $200 Million and will generate over 20,000 employment opportunities.


Project development is expected to commence in early 2014.