David Czyzewski

David Czyzewski
Senior Vice President – Private Clients Europe
Munich Office

As Director of Sales and Investor Relations, David Czyzewski is heading Taurus' fundraising & investor relation team based in Germany and Switzerland. While at THE (former Hauck & Aufhauser Privatbankiers subsidiary) David has managed US real estate portfolios valued at several $100 Million (USD). He holds university degrees in real estate asset management and translation (English) and is responsible for the information flow between Taurus clients in German speaking Europe and our international projects and satellite offices.

Prior Experience
Prior to joining Taurus, David was an Asset Manager at THE North American Real Estate Services GmbH where he was responsible for the management of a portfolio of income producing assets in the U.S.

IRE/BS International Real Estate Business School, University of Regensburg, Germany, Degree in Real Estate Asset Management

FIM, Munich, Germany, state certified translator

David is a public certified translator (English/German).

German, English, and French