Taurus UK
Taurus UK

UK-focused team with a proven track record providing deep local market expertise

A subsidiary of Taurus Investment Holdings, LLC. Taurus UK is built upon over 30 years of local and industry knowledge.
Who We Are
Taurus UK, a subsidiary of Taurus Investment Holdings LLC, is managed by Nick Jacobs and was created following the successful partnership with Rowan Asset Management, that started with the acquisition of Aldwych House in London in 2011.

Taurus UK Focus

We provide investors access to investment opportunities, targeting three core areas
  • Residential
    Build-To-Rent Homes, Other Living
  • Office
    Brown-to-Green, Modern Design & Functionality
  • Opportunistic
    Distressed and Value-Add opportunities
Research Based Strategies
The UK team incorporates Taurus' focused and strategic investment criteria across their evaluation and applies the ESG framework across all business decisions

Featured UK Projects

Parsons Green

A Brown to Green Redevelopment Opportunity

Located in West London, Parsons Green is a 20,000 SF office project


Upper Trinity Street - Digbeth

A BTR Development Opportunity

Located in Greater Birmingham, the project is a mixed-use development